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The Cour Lefuel

Yesterday I found myself streaming the live runway show in Paris of Louis Vuitton Fall Collection 2018 and I fell in LOVE! The runway use was just outside the Louvre and it was stunning! The models attire told a story of it's own when they strut down the runway... as stated by Nicole Phelps, "It felt like a fitting way to end a season that has been much about representations of women, and how designers should dress us now." Without a doubt my designer choice for March 2018 is Louis Vuitton and his 2018 Fall Collections. My pick from the show pictures is:


ISON - Peggy Turtleneck Dress (Gingham) [March Uber Event]
Heels - Yenni 
Tableau Vivant - Mallongaj Hair 
Izzie's - Daphne Eyeshadows [Marketplace]

Izzie's - Daphne Glamorous Lipsticks [Marketplace]
Meli Imako - Full Perm Ladies Leather Motorcycle Jacket [Marketplace]
GeWunjo Jewelry - Denny Earrings [Marketplace]
Baby Monkey - Mindy Purse [Marketplace 10Ls]
Dionysia Designs - Onyx Bolo Tie [Marketplace]

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